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Sharing waves is a lot like sharing women.. Some people are into that, and thats cool... But it's not really for me... Unless I'm sharing women with women, then it's all gravy... Think about it..

good stuff

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Aww Skeet Sket Skeet

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Put thephone on ya butt it's the booty all
And I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll
Speedin' like a demon on 101 South
It's Nigel S. Peppercock tiger comin' out the cuts.

Let the weekend of fun and shred begin. Brrraaaaaaaaaaaaap


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nigel's wednesday

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First he surfed a secret point break north of town...

Then he bought a bike. he could only afford one of those 5150 kikkers. bummer...

then he hit the log for some tip time. lookin' good nigel!! yea bra!!!

You Think You're Core?

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