Bro Brain

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 03, 2009

EDIT: When I posted this I thought it was just fun and games. I was wrong! The Gnarshire's very own troll, The Gnarslayer, has brought a very alarming and growing new trend in the land of Broedom to our attention. It is Bro Rape. As The Gnarshire and the people of Broedom have never had a reason to interact, we tend towards ignorance of the Bro's and their world. I am sorry Gnarslayer. It was big of you to admit that you are the first Bro featured in the video below. It is the first step towards healing. And it also explains why you are obsessed with Nigel. He is, in your mind, the anti-bro and you want to be with him and around him as much as you can. We understand now...


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