Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock March 06, 2009

In typical Gnarshire fashion, here are some sub-par photographs of my oriental rug:

Here's a few of the lawn:


  1. Worm Says:
  2. hey when you wax your board does the paint flake off in parts? mine has been doing that and i can't figure out what i've changed in my spraying to make that happen.

    ps you must be rich since you get so many fly sticks

  3. Nope, you must have some gorilla hands. Just kidding, I've done it a few times and this is what I've learned: wait until the paint dries. Also, nice even coats go a long way in both looks and durability. If you're painting on a gloss board, that's when things get tricky. You can either apply a dozen thin layers, or rough up the gloss with some fine-grit sandpaper.

  4. Worm Says:
  5. the gloss must be the difference. i always knew that gloss and polish was bullshit. i'll just use my man=man hands to ruff it up

  6. Always sand the gloss coat a bit or, better yet, don't spend the extra money on a gloss and polish. Thin and even coats are KEY.

  7. PS -

    You totally fucked that board up. And by fucked up I mean made rad.

  8. What also works is licking the entire board, as the acidic properties of your saliva remove the polish. It's like acetone, but ... uh ... you know, not. I also burn sage before I start spraying, after the first coat and at the end. On tough jobs, I swim out to a nearby reef, catch a rock fish with my mouth, retrieve its entrails and use them as a type of chemical sand paper/demon deterrent.


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