Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock March 05, 2009

Where do I begin? That's right, by signing the insurance waiver which states that  Ryan Lovelace is not to be held responsible from when my head explodes from an overdose of awesome. I can't wait to ride this board, as well as begin work on foiling the matching fin. It's gonna be nutso-5000. That's a good name for it... Or the Executionator, I haven't decided. 


Photo stolen from Ryan.
"Every half-inch of flex out of the water is the eqevelant of two in the water"

On another not, I had the pleasure of surfing the Brom Simmons today. Unfortunately I can no longer surf because my feet have melted. Here's a post-surf shot that actually includes the tail:


  1. Le Vyusher Says:
  2. Sweet baby Jesus, that's flex. Boing! Stoked for you man!

  3. I really think that needs to be shot on a nice oak floor. Tile is so twin fin.

    I can't wait to give it a spin... right into a rock.

  4. Le Vyusher Says:
  5. wood floors hard to come by up there? Tile floors are Soooo Mexican. Dunno when I'll be up them parts but twill be soon! Got a long blade in the works, working title: The Dark Knife. Coming in May. Sorry, I live in L.A. Thanks for the offer. Hope to try that flex out, really interested in that. Good on ya!

  6. Le Vyusher Says:
  7. Oh, and Mark Gormley is amazing.


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