Point Break (true story)

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 20, 2009



  1. R.T. Says:
  2. the long lost director's cut!

  3. seadog Says:
  4. Why so angry? Are longboard skating, punk rock and surfing not fulfilling as they once were? I just read this thing and I think you might be a teenage vampire. Apparently, nothing but blood will make you happy anymore. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    BTW, I think it's bs; just a rumor.


    I'll be the first to say I am Happy...If you surf or love music (punk) you would know that the passion and the love never ceases...even with age it becomes more satifiying and even more addictive....when I was younger and surfed nearly everyday, I was stoked...now I am older but just as stoked.
    Just suiting up on a cold morning and catching one or two waves carries me though...
    I posted the news because some people care about HR.
    Turns out it was a Rumor....get over it.

    "A Tree is a terrible thing to waste" Recycle your mind.

  5. Did you really need to respond to my comment via two separate internet outlets? Oh well, best to cover all bases! I endorse it!

  6. Let's leave the mothers out of this.

  7. Freakin' brilliant, all you need is some hand jobs behind Neptune's Net and you would get an Oscar.


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