Ronaldo's Shape Shack IV

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 24, 2009

Hey you all, Ronaldo back into the house!
Sorry for the lack of posting stoke, I was being in New Smyrna, FL for spring break '09. Tons of hotties and girls, too! I get to ride in truck bigger than Esteban's and drink beer as racing down the beach with buckets of chicken and girls. Girls not in buckets, but still lots of cool. Surf was not so magnificent. In fact, the surf was sucking big time. I hear from the lokes that surf never comes to the beaches there. This gets Ronaldo to thinking...

First - Girls should come in buckets. How rad for you to go to place (maybe wearing house or even dine thru) and just get chicks in buckets? Don't try to steal Ronaldo's idea. I already pay Dimitri to be parent of idea then copy it right. I'll sue you're pants off! LOL. Serious, though.

Second - Hillbilly surfers there need craft for being drunk and full of chicken to ride small waves.

Then Ronaldo has it! I spent 2 months in devotion and apprenticeship to George Greenough in Australia. Well, he never answer door so I spent it in devotion in his front yard. One time, though, I see him walk by with blow up surf board. Later that day I find from hip dude that it is called surf mat. When George get home I punch him in head and take it. Learning over! I send to China and copy it better than old man George. I just add handles for sipping and surfing and make good graphics - snap! I now have craft for East Coast bros! See beneath:

Me shredding small but perfect wave.
Note: so fast my trousers ripped off!

Quick diaphragm explaining how rad it is:

Here is my testing new stand up version in scientific environment
in my home of The Netherlands:


  1. Surfsister Says:
  2. My god! What was I thinking? My Greenough worship has now become Ronaldo worship. Any man who would punch Greenough in the head and steal his mat, well, he's just . . . a sexy beast, isn't he?

  3. Ronaldo says, 'yes, Ronanldo is a sexy beast.'


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