Save the sharks

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 12, 2009

I'm not Dave Rastavichowski, so I don't really care about the welfare of sharks all that much. Well, Dave probably doesn't either. I guess what I mean to say is that I don't have a film crew and fans following me around all the time forcing me to pretend that I care about the welfare of sharks and dolphins and eco surf trunks and recyclable unicorn alicorns.
I do care about funny things and not getting eaten by sharks, though. It's not like I'm a total dead beat.
The image below is the logo for a 2009 Save the Sharks campaign. It's funny on many levels and leaves me heavy with unanswered questions. Did they hire a Hare Krishna from the airport to design it? Have they figured out a way to juggle sharks and that's why they want to save them? Are sharks actually a renewable energy source and we should keep them around to light up our houses? Did they shrink sharks into little apex predator chihuahuas and, as a side effect, they now have hovering abilities? Has Jesus come back as a dwarf shark?

Answers, people, I need answers....


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