Esteban Relocation Program

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock April 18, 2009

Success! Though, I didn't really do much... All I can say is that he has until the end of the month to officially vacate his old place (which he will not be living at during this period), and I've got the keys. Well, not really... But I do know how to get inside. Actually, only in the garage, and there's nothing very interesting in there... Except the laboratory. Needless to say, NATTTIES ON ME BROS!


  1. Let hack shaping begin!!!

    PS apparently there are more bugs in the hills. They're everywhere...

  2. I'm itchy.... And I don't think it's from the bugs at your hills... I think it's from your sheets. They showed up in my beard first, that's why I'm saying..

    Plz get back to me.

  3. Bogus Says:
  4. $40 for just the print, $65 with frame. you can email me through my blogger brofile


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