1. Bogus Says:
  2. hahaha!!!

  3. Bogus Says:
  4. but seriously, i love both.

  5. Gnarbus Says:
  6. Bogus, my I bet my pants are tighter and my front wheel has less spokes than yours!

  7. I like them both, too. I also like laughing at myself...

  8. so, would the mini simmons be the internal three-speed fixed hub? or, would that be a stubby; it's a more practical, utilitarian fixed gear (nonetheless, still silly)?

  9. mini simmons. The stubby would be a single speed conversion.

  10. Le Vyusher Says:
  11. HAHA, did you see the video about the hipster skaters?


    My word verification is consup

  12. Danimal Says:
  13. Pythagoren Theorem.
    Hull squared + Fixed Gear squared = Tight Pants queered.

  14. Someone once asked "why are you still in your wetsuit?" during a post-surf meal. I looked down, back up, down at the pants again, then up once more: :I was utterly confused. It wasn't until years later when I came out of the closet did I realize that I had been mocked. Now I know better: wetsuits don't come in deep purple, so now there will be no confusion as to what shields my awesome thunder, in or out of the water.

  15. Quite possibly the most intelligent thing you have ever written. God speed.


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