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Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock April 30, 2009

I decided to take a break from being productive and finally finish this up. It's a little raw right now, but we'll tune it up to Gnarshire standards in no time. Notice the features on the right side, such as 'Video' 'Gnarninians (followers)' and 'features'

Features will be all of the things you've come to love and hate about the Gnarshire, including rants, shitty photoshops, Shape Shacks, and AIDS.

Videos will be swapped out accordingly depending on what's poppin... But as of lately, it's a toss up between Jazz the Glass (Still? I know, right... It's that  good) and "I'm on a Boat."  


  1. Kyle Says:
  2. on a boat- fucking best sidebar addition to a blog to date. well done gents.

  3. Worm Says:
  4. i hope that fucked things will also be included in features along with AIDS

  5. Danimal Says:
  6. Yo! Send your address to and I'll ship that shirt to you. I will be at Sacred Craft as well, so I can give it to you then if you are going.


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