Pre-Gas Moments

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel April 30, 2009

Nigel and some of his boys (glasser Chatty flipn' the bird) hanging outside the Soul Bro Surf Factory in El Segundo. Looks like they are itchin' for a fight.

These guys were game, even though Team Soul Bro refused to fight. Said they remembered that only non-soul bros brawl, except for Joel Tudor and that's because he does super artistic Juju titsoo so it's cool.

After shaping some boards in a green meadow with a bootleg Jack Johnson album playing in the background, Nigel went over to Kenny's place and got a new tattoo. Sick!!

Meanwhile, Esteban was being rad with sharks.


  1. g.Land Says:
  2. What are the odds she gave the tattoo guy some head before that tattoo??!!!!

  3. 100%, ;;;;


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