Ronaldo Shape Shack V

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel April 07, 2009

Waaazzz is happening, y'all?!? Ronaldo is being back here for another installment of Ronaldo's Shape Shack.

Before we begin Ronaldo wants to talk about peer pressure. Since becoming involved with Gnarshire blogspotting, I never have contact with blogusfear world. Strange things happen. Sometimes you are looking at sick pics on someones blog and you want to be there or be like them - cool bro! I never have that before, always people wanting to be Ronaldo. This is before I start seeing dude with twin fin funboard shape and black shiny wetsuit and surf cap. He looks so more core than me! In my mind only, I know, it's crazy! But he look like hey guy, I'm so core, I get barrels all day in sun......

So now Ronaldo says, Ronaldo is going to make this board and wear cap and not wear wetsuit, because I have too much muscles for to hide, and be core too. I hear about AB3 / Fishing Fry and how core bros go there. Perfect for Ronaldo because that band was Sweedish and I'm Dutch and I love seafood!! Esteban tells me to bring boards for contest. Ronaldo always win contest, so more perfect... is there such thing... more perfect? Anyway... makes head hurt... I go! I bring boards and I win!!!! I win contest from core bros I want to be like!! But not all is perfect. I guess it is not so cool to wear surf cap in Oceanside, only in Blakies. I see some people point and laugh even thought I match my surf suit. I learn important lesson that day. Peer pressure is only good if dork wants to be like Ronaldo and you make them make bad decisions. Not cool if you become dork... Here's pics!!!

Before I show core bros how to shred.

Winning as usual!!!

Watch out! Ronaldo is doing hydrodynomitical test! Going to shred harder next year!


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