What the #$#$

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock April 06, 2009

Did this:

Cause this:

I recieved a text earlier today with that photo, claiming that they had been walking somewhere along the beach and spotted this over the weekend. I'm at a loss for words. Apparently a Floatopia II is in store for May 9, as if the first one hadn't already caused enough destruction. Perhaps a boycott or some sort of Pegan ritual needs to take place in order to prevent any further annihilation of our beloved coastline.


  1. Worm Says:
  2. That dolphin got sooooooooooo wasted.

    in all seriousness. Never leave your drink unattended. that dolphin paid the ultimate price

  3. Alcoholic Dolphins.... hmmmmm..... that reminds me of something....

  4. twinfin Says:
  5. that dolphin made Ryan split his head open...bad ju-ju

  6. weird. I saw a dead dolphin at a beach up in the gaviota area on monday.


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