Dom DeLuise / CJ Nelson

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 06, 2009

Dom DeLuise's recent death got me to thinking.... Could CJ Nelson be surfing's version of Dom? Think about it:

Both have more chins than style.
Both insist on wearing bad hats.
Both have super annoying voices.
Their world's are better for having them but are grateful when they leave...

Don't believe me?

The stages of seeing Dom in anything on TV: 1 Oh, look it's Dom Deluise. 2 That was pretty crazy. 3 Ok, that's enough. 4 Good, it's over.

The stages of having CJ paddle out: 1 Oh, look it's CJ Nelson. 2 That was pretty crazy. 3 Ok, that's enough. 4 Good, he's paddling back in.

It is what it is, bitches...


  1. This post hurt my feelings.

    -CJ Fanboy #3465343

  2. Oh, what the hell. It's CJ Nelson. He's a jerk.

    BTW, I noticed that you did not deny that he does resemble Dom Deluise...

  3. Danimal Says:
  4. I fucking hate CJ Nelson. See erBB post.

    Remember when he got PWND at Scorpion?!?!?hahah

  5. Yes, that was justice....

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Wow!!!you guys are fucking classic!! Yeah ,I was at scorps when cj ate that seals flesh!!it was soo gnarly.he didn't make love to his girl friend right after though.cj is a fuckin Nazi kook,I wonder if he would beat me up for this???

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. What if he new who we all are and came after us?
    I hear he grew up boxing with skinheads on
    Pleasure point in Santa cruz...Nazi ones!! I guess
    We will find out........

    C.j hater#389765


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