I've been busy....

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 22, 2009

So what? I've been so busy that I am taking care of shit preemptively. Take this weekend for example. Normally I would blog about all the rad things I did on Monday, but right now I'm too busy. I have to do it now. There will be no time on Monday... or Tuesday... See, I'm so busy that I forgot that it's a long weekend. That's some evil ass busy...

Chris (pictured above) and Dan (possibly pictured above) have convinced me to help them beach launch my old rig. I've done it once before and swore to never do it again. The lack of surf lately has led me to break my promise...

The surf will probably look like this and Nigel will be the only one to paddle out. This is what he will look like on his Andreini pig. Switch stance stretch two.

Meanwhile, we will get attacked by this asshole. Nigel will be too busy slashing stretch twos to even notice.

He will be lost on the beach and think he is the last man alive. Fear of dehydration will lead him to drink saltwater, which will lead to hallucinations. This one will have him kissing a rabies infected skunk thinking it is a sympathetic ape person helping him escape a post apocalyptic ape ruled world. He will remain in this condition forever.

Chris and Dan will die in the monster attack. I will survive and be hailed as a hero. A ball will be thrown in my honor where a bodyguard / line dance squad will be presented to me. I will use them to clear lineups at Rincon and Malibu. My wife will enslave the females and use them as maids and wet nurses.

I also found this little picture of a cool old Nuuhiwa fin...

TGIF, bitches.


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