Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 05, 2009

When life throws you fire alarms, Just jam that shit.


  1. My ears... Sounds like the racket the hippies were making last night before it got broken up by the neighbors.

  2. it's your fault for living with hippies and hippy sympathizers. Dan is a yippie / punk hybrid so..... watch your morning star patties...

  3. Stathis Says:
  4. For Nigel.

    It gets pretty consistent in fall/winter. Not every day consistent but three to four days a month. That's for Athens. If you're willing to travel around, especially towards the north west or the west coasts of Greece-5 hour drives at the most- or even the towards island of Crete, you'll find very good quality waves. In the summer, waves can be found on most islands in the Aegean Sea. Strong north winds you see...


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