Soul Surfing

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 15, 2009

I decided to do a little research into soul surfing. It has always been baffling to me. What soul and surfing have to do with each other is beyond me. When I say that I researched it, what I mean is that I googled it for about 5 minutes. Here are the best images I found:

Eastern spirituality and soul surfing have always been linked together. Until now, the reasons were unclear to me.

Older gentlemen riding 2+1 longboards while either 1.) Throwing their arms up or out 2.) Folding their arms behind their backs and/or 3.) Hunching over while posing at least one foot from the nose has always been described as 'soul'. Based on my research, this is the second most soul described action. It falls just behind:

Yoga. Fucking yoga. Maybe it's the wives of the soul arch guys and that's why they can't move so well. They're having sex with limber cougars at night. The next morning they can only move from the waist up while surfing. The soul description pertains to their own souls screaming out from the darkness of sexually demanding wives.

You too can be a Malloy Soul Bro™ with this Patagonia™ soul wig™ made from recycled surf wax and the tears of failed pro surfing careers. Please note: After purchasing this wig a skinny guy will follow you around with his 16mm camera asking you to drink Tecate and eat avocados.

I don't think this needs any kind of caption....

Does your ad suffer from cheesy wannabe corporate mission statements, the over use of drop shadows, and the bevel and emboss tool? No problem! They're nothing a great sunset and the words 'soul surf' can't save! Watch and learn people.

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  1. seamouse Says:
  2. Gotta get me a soul wig.
    normally snide remarks against the moe-ster get a good bashing in blog land but yours seems to be too witty/half arsed to have been noticed.
    Well done, this post is the best thing the internet has had to offer me all day.


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