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Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel July 16, 2009

1950 seems to have been pretty Hawaii-centric in it's choice of drinks and surf related lifestyle. I'll take the former.

Nothing gay here. Nope, just two wet and tanned and chiseled bros holding each other tight. Somethings never change.

Australians take note: Woody is not doing much here at all, but still we are drawn to this image for it's simple beauty and clean lines. Chop hopping a 9'0" tri fin will not age as well.

WTF? Did a shark bite that guy's hand off?

Nigel, I checked and it does not come in 3XL. Sorry.

Uncircumcised surf club members to the left, please.

There is something under lyingly gay about '1950 surf'. I wonder if the trend will continue as we move through the years?


  1. Not to make light of a person's sexuality, but I think there is some insight to be found in this post:
    Being that the 1950s male is the quintessence of industrialized masculinity, and industrialization is framed on the foundation of patriarchy we can not help but notice the overwhelming homoeroticism present in surf culture ... especially in the 1950s. After all, patriarchy and misogyny in general isn't about controlling women, as popular opinion might have you believe. No, it is about eradication of the gender altogether. As soon as cloning is perfected, the real war will begin and women will go down with the dodo (part of the sixth extinction in my opinion). Why? All because the civilized man in the ruling class is nothing more than a queer. As for the amount of suicides and murders that happen to the queer population for their sexuality today, it's merely the dominant culture upset that rogue groups are striking prematurely.

  2. El Hefe Says:
  3. Fag

  4. My point exactly El Hefe.


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