Pig 4 Sale

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock August 18, 2009

Selling the pig. Will entertain offers, trades, beer, etc.

shot of detail radness:

Obligatory model shot:

Proof of purcha$$.

Note, these photos are from when the board was brand spanking new. It's still in outstanding condition. The reason for selling is that daddy needs a new pair of shoes.


  1. l Says:
  2. Cuanto dollares?? Donde usta usted?

  3. I'm looking for $850, but am open to offers.

  4. Flossy Says:
  5. I'm very seriously interested. email me at ucsbushnell@gmail.com and let's get in touch!


  6. Le Vyusher Says:
  7. I don't know why, but WHY? An A-Pig? What a beauty.
    I got a hull pig coming soon!

  8. What have I told you about posting pictures of my dog on the internet. You know the majority of surfers are zoophiliacs. Why do you think board types, such as the "pig" or "rhino chaser" are used?

  9. My word varifacation for this post is 'hangle'.

    Also, I am selling this because I have a new one on the way with some alterations... Mostly in the weight. Heavy blank + heavy glass = Nigel S. Pumpedcock. 32lb target weight.


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