big wave day at a break near you

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel January 20, 2010

Haven't you heard?!? It's going to be huge out there!!! HYPE THE FUCK OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!!!

When you have had enough of the hype, take Big Wave Day Bingo out of your pocket and have the only fun you're get going to get. It's going to be crowded, blown and dirty. Fuck it, play bingo instead....

Click it to make it bigger, asshole.

Note: This game is best played at Rincon, C- Street, Swamis, Cardiff, etc...


  1. o4trix Says:
  2. where da pittz at? im hungry for some tasty ones, poopoo water for you?

    cp----->devarua this week looked like a whirling cesspool of iv deathgnarjuice...

    brings a whole new meaning to wearing a 'hoodie' whilst in the land of the stu

  3. Check the newest post..... go there...

  4. Danimal Says:
  5. LOLZ. Seriously.


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