work sucks when you are next to a fickle point ...

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel January 12, 2010

that is breaking....

I suck at many things and taking pictures is one of them. Life is another. I tried to video a wave from the top of the point all the way into the cove. Apparently, there is a different button for pictures and videos. I thought that i was videoing the first photo (which came out pretty good) but only snapped a still image. The others are the same wave as it wrapped into the cove. I hate working a couple hundred yards from this when I'm actually busy.

Not a secret at all, I'm sure everyone knows where it is.....

Top of dickface point

Mid-shaft point

Inside the ass face cove

Same wave, three different guys all getting more and more donkey-esk as they move into the cove. I hope today is horrible and stormy and you all get the hep. Tomorrow will hopefully be sunny and perfect and you will all have to go back to work with yellow eyes.

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