Bladez for $ale

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock February 16, 2010

Due to the riding price of methamphetamines here on the streets of the Gnarshire, I need to unload a few boards to support my [alternative-to-surfing] habits.

First up:

6'10 Andreini Hull

Custom from Marc for a trip that fell through. Rails are more foiled and belly is more defined than anything you'll find on the racks. Brand new, never ridden. Comes with fin.

Next up:

6'2 Lovelace Flex-Tail Hull

This board is nuts: fast, foiled, and funtastic. Don't mind the mess left by my racks, this board is in perfect condition.. Plus, you get a genuine Gnarshire paintjob, which increases both speed and awesomeness. Comes with blastastic custom foiled flex-dangled fin.

Sad to see these go, but they need a better home than what I can provide. I'm not very good at pricing things, so make some offers if you're interested. Will consider trades.


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