Have You Seen Me?

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock March 11, 2010

When CJ's not too busy getting chased out of Baja, or having his fins stolen, he enjoy riding fixed gear bikes, participating in the fine arts, making beautiful music, and drinking quality beer. However, as of recent months, there have been no web-edits of him doing fancy nosegrinding tricks, and therefore Nigel is not only sad, but curious to see what has happened to his beloved CJ.

I have created a list of possible reasons for his disappearance:

1) Ate too much Mexican food and exploded
2) Got hit by a train
3) Got hit by a car
4) Got hit by an airplane
5) Got hit by a dick

If I could create a Venn Diagram to further help understanding:

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  1. richcorbin Says:
  2. this is not only epic but true. it seems we have had to resort to bloggings of the surfers we enjoy watching to find out they're whereabouts; and does city fog surfboards actually exist? i've seen boards bearing the logo but no factual evidence of the company's existence other than the video they put out lined with youtube videos of david nuuhiwa. then again living on a coast that is too busy trying to catch up to what they see in surfer mag has its setbacks.


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