Two Tickets to Paradise

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock March 16, 2010

Off to the Holy Land of El Scorpiontipodrillo

Here's a photo of my uncle Jihad al-Bin Suka Diq enjoying the spoils of the Holy Land

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  1. richcorbin Says:
  2. Nigel S. Pepperdick I wish not to make enemies with you. Although I have never meet you I love you and the Shire 'o Gnar.
    I, like many, find sarcasm not to be an outlet for the weak but for those who don't take themselves too seriously. At this point in my life I believe it that to be just fine. However if I was in my mid 30s I'm sure I'd make a radical adjustment.
    Please don't mind me though, this North Carolina edumacation is getting the best of me and the lack of waves is starting to bore holes in my brain.

    Peace and Love,
    Dick G. Corbin Jr.


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