endless bummer

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel June 02, 2010

Actually, he's Elvis, but I bet he always wanted to be Nic Cave. This is a great band that went by a couple different names (WU LYF) from Wales. 'don't call the police'

Vagina Wolf-Nic Cave

Fuck smelly healthy smiling side glancing hull riding self centered too serious hippies
(i too have hippie tendencies, but i am working on them)

Deadbeats-Kill The Hippies

Dave is really a dancer. He was hoping to dance on water. The lessons were expensive. Dave can't dance on land unless his friends are too drunk to remember. The 10 year old hanging heals made him feel large and clumsy.

The Smiths-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Mental illness runs deep in some families. Sometimes it can feel like a black cloud over your head. Even when you're at the beach with a sick ass log.
Ratatat-Party With Children


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