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Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel July 23, 2010


*Only ten people read this blog. Thousands of people from all over read yours and look up to you. Our hulls aren't nearly bladed enough, nor are our lifestyles soul enough to amass a large enough army to kidnap Barack Obama, tie him up in nothing but a loin cloth, and drip hot wax across his.... Errr, I mean Nobody is going to pack up their Bayliner and head up from Newport from reading our dogshit ramblings. Actions speak louder than words.


  1. Ryan Says:
  2. loooooooool, well put!

    only thing is you're the only one who name it..........

  3. except for the fact that everyone knows where it is.... it's like malibu. you dont need to name it. actually, you dont need to photograph and post it...

  4. Ryan Says:
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  6. Ryan Says:
  7. you're got to be pretty egotistical to think that everyone in the world will recognize a photo of one wave in your area; the people who know where that wave is surf it regularly, nobody who doesn't know it can recognize it.

    I posted the photos and drew the first blood i agree, but turning a cut into a gaping hole is never very tactful, and remember:

    "*Only ten people read this blog. NOBODY IS GOING TO PACK UP THEIR BAYLINER AND HEAD UP FROM NEWPORT, so relax."

    we seem to agree.

  8. lol, always a popularity contest with you isn't it. you're right, nobody reads it. thats why we like the things we do. because they are not mass produced shit. you are the same, except that you then do your best to popularize and make a buck off it. you are the one that pulled the bone head move. take a chill pill, man. go surf.

  9. Ryan Says:
  10. i love it, man!
    you think i make money!

  11. i dont think you make much of anything.... i think the money was already made...

  12. Ryan Says:
  13. AHAHAHA! radical.

    thats always the easiest thing to think about someone isn't it?
    don't speak when you don't know. Like I said on my blog, if you want to come down and talk hit me up and learn about what you think you know, i'd be down to talk with you for a bit, i've got the time.

  14. we've spoken. back when you worked at fiberglass Hawaii. i'm sort of over this for now as it's friday and i'm thinking of fun things now outside of the internet world. i'm thinking of heading down to orange county for a surf this weekend. i'll take some photos. so yea, i'm done with this for's no longer fun..... unless that whole come down and hit me up is some veiled threat... then that kind of sounds fun...

  15. Ryan Says:
  16. not a threat at all, im not a fighter in the least.
    i just wanted to extend the invitation to learn about me if you wanted to, if not, then i'll leave you with this i was raised by my dad who's a painter and i never knew if we'd have food when i got home from public school. nothing special. my mom was a nurse and made an average income, there is no money behind me like you think and im offended that you think you know me after talking with me 3 years ago.

  17. last word...

  18. El Hefe Says:
  19. Fuck the video is now on the internets...

  20. lyon Says:
  21. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  22. lyon Says:
  23. Wow. Very immature guys. Ryan has been very cool and understanding about your guys views, and then you still have to blow up to prove you're right. Just goes to show how jealous and childish a couple of grown men can get. Just think about the example your setting for any kid who saw this on your blog, not good. Grow up

  24. Well, thankfully nobody reads this blog, right? If you haven't noticed yet, the general theme of this blog focused around calling out how utterly retarded surfing, blogigng, and surf-culture are. The general nature of what we do is bound to ruffle a few feathers. At the end of the day, I could give two shits about what happened. The point was simple, then got blown out of proportion. If we're going to do any finger pointing, I'm going to have go ahead and interject - it went both ways. Esteban acted aggressively, while Ryan bated him. Both actions were equally childish, and if everyone is going to get all pissy about it, then it's probably going to turn into a problem. I'm not going to say anything else about it - Katy bar the door.

    The original point still stands: this shit doesn't belong on the internet.

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. Oh my god I am definitely going to go out of my way to surf there now!!!!!!!!

  27. richcorbin Says:
  28. I am surfing it right now...


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