All out of Aloha...

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock February 15, 2009

So-Cal surfer bummed-out by un-broish nature of his northern brethren:

I want you to know I am a surfer from so cal. I have lived in "nor cal?" for 6 yrs. There is no aloha up here. All it is is mean people who are as cold and dastardly as their steamer lane area. They will cut you off and try to kill you even if you are a trditonal surfer. At Mavericks maybe mark fu would not have died if someone had cared about where he was or was even a professional. They want you to die trying to ride a surf break that you are not used to or eat it on the rocks or drown in the mysterious undertow.
Santa Cruz has an image of sharks too which are common. Stay out of sc believe me.I miss the aloha spirit and belive me its not here. Trust me on this any over whelming day in so cal is way better than any day in sc. There are lots of health hazards up here too!

I heard somewhere that suicide was a good cure for curing a lack in the 'Aloha Spirit'


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