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Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel February 16, 2009


  1. andy Says:
  2. what kind of a blog is this??/

  3. Nana Says:
  4. You guys have to take down that AIDS comment on the bottom of the web page. It's mean and offensive and bad karma. Seriously Esteban, please take it down.

  5. Andy,

    A better question would be, what kind of blog is this not. This is not a knitting blog. This is not horticulture blog. This is not vacation blog.


  6. The aids comment is gone. Happy?

  7. you stole my idea!!! The internationale will not be pleased.

  8. I made them for you, remember?

  9. If by "made" and "for you" you mean "I probed your divine-like psyche and robbed from you your very essence and vomited out bruce willis onto a digital seascape, then yes, you did make it for me ... otherwise, the trade union for creative thinking is going to burn mugwort and utilize direct action techniques perpetrated by american civil rights groups in the 1960's. Only our rendering will be in the same tradition of our forefathers: our fists will not be raised in the air, they will be shoved up you asses.
    Speaking of which, I agree with Nana. AIDS is offensive. You should really work on not getting it Esteban.

  10. You are offensive and I hate you.


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