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Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel February 10, 2009

Pathways of Gnarnia.

Peeler on The Gnar Bar.

This guys rips on a surfboard and was getting some tubular breakers on his boogie board.

The Andreni loves waves like this. I'm glad that I'm smarter than most surfers and know how to choose the correct board for the conditions. Actually, 60% of the time the Andreni works every time.


  1. Bogus Says:
  2. sweet looking board! what are the dims?

  3. 7'8" X 10 times the awesome. I LOVE this board. You should try it if you see me out.

  4. i think he was referring to the boogie board. i know that's what i was looking at.

  5. Only Situationists care about boogie board dims.


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