Hull Owners - you know it's true

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel February 19, 2009


  1. Surfsister Says:
  2. You are so wrong!! That's hysterical. (Note to self: Don't post about the hull that's on the way. Don't post any pictures of it on a wood floor.)

  3. Hey, hey, I love hulls. Sometimes it's fun to laugh at yourself!

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  6. Nice private info, too. Seems like someone is scared of nick. He's quite a bit bigger than the average surfer, so I guess it makes sense.

  7. no he's not- and no you won't.

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  9. He's already deleted his profile.

  10. It's ok, I think we already know who he is...

  11. Dear GnarSlayer,
    It's apparent you bought a hull thinking it was a 'funboard'. Don't feel bad. Think about it this way: why would you ride a board you didn't think was fun? Also, why pick on Nick? He owns a hull for the same reason. That asshole is so convinced that it is the right board for him that he tries to go left at right point breaks just so he can ride it front side, the way hulls were designed to be ridden (which is why you don't usually see him surfing. Who would think to look at a kook going left at Campus Point). Cut the kid some slack. More than anything, if this blog is so bothersome to you, why not just navigate away? I mean really, no one gives a fuck about a complaint so riddled with hypocrisy that it was originally mistaken for something written by a mentally retarded person. I mean, the population of santa barbara proper is just under 90k. What does it matter if 15 of those people dislike Nick? That's a drop in the bucket. What it tells me more than anything is that all 15 of you are fucking cowards (and are actually the childish ones), because you can't even tell Nick to his face how you truly feel. Instead you post anonymously on a blog. Thus, your opinions are meaningless. As negative as Nick may seem to you, at least you know where you stand with him. Which is not the case with you apparently. You are a sad individual indeed.

  12. Going left is not a crime. Liberate the lefts!


  14. Le Vyusher Says:
  15. My feelings are totally hurt. Let's make out. That should cover it.

  16. Ohh ohhhh, can we?!


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