Knight Rider

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock February 19, 2009

A dear friend of the Gnarshire recently celebrated his birthday, and one of his presents was this sweet little (5'6) Hynson Black Knight quad. Later that night after a long outing at The Wildcat, I was awoken by muffled screams and what I thought to be a dying cat coming from his room. I quickly hopped out of bed to make sure everything was alright. Well, everything was more than alright - little Scummy was making ways with a woman who was large, and very much in charge. Just think that scene from Beerfest, it was almost the exact same scenero. He's taking it well, though - he even named this picture... What a champ.


  1. Why do have to bring size into this? Saying it's 5'6" is like saying, 'Hey, nice try at being a regular board.'

  2. BTW, does scummy live at a motel 6? Nice decor...

  3. Q.Peeps Says:
  4. that's funny. i saw this same board, same size, today on the beach here in Mexico. nice board!

  5. Gracias, and buenos dias!

  6. Hola!!


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