Walk Tonight (did I raise my kids right?)

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel February 17, 2009

On our walk to the grocery store tonight:

7 y/o: Daddy, wouldn't it be radical if cops were midgets?

Me: Wait, why would...

6 y/o: Pygmy's, they like to be called Pygmys.

Me: Wait, little people, I think they...

6 y/o: They live in the rain forest and are called Pygmys. I learned about it at school.

Me: Wait, why would it be radical if cops were midgets?

7 y/o: Because then, if you were doing something they didn't want you to, you could kick them over.

Me: Wait.... What about bad guys?

7 y/o: Bad guys never win anyway, so why does it matter?

The logic is sound... From the mind of a 7 year old... It just makes me wonder, from a Judea-Christian morality standpoint, have I raised my little kids into heathens? Is my family going to hell in a hand bag? Or are my kids just really cool?


  1. Surfsister Says:
  2. As the parent of a 7 year old, I say your kids are just plain bad ass and you're doing a great job raising them.
    My kid comes up with twisted stuff too. That's a sign of critical thinking. You can't ever fault that.

  3. Nana Says:
  4. You are raising them really well (although I may be biased). And even from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint, they are non-heathens. They totally get it...good wins over evil in the end, no matter what.

  5. Thank you.

  6. As a father of two pygmies (twins), an albino and a lesbian duckling (don't ask. DMT and ecstasy were involved. It was an interesting afternoon to say the least), I must chime in. Your children are amazing souls but not from any of your own doing. As a matter of fact, as soon as they are released from the redneck rhetoric in your household those precious creatures will accomplish deeds that will reshape the way our society operates.


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