Gnarslayer at Gnar Point

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 09, 2009

I saw the Gnarslayer hanging out at Gnar Point today. I caught a little video of him:


  1. My, how he put on weight. I'm glad to see the Michael Jackson procedure went well for him, considering this is where he was about three years ago:

  2. Um, I'm not sure which is worse: that you posted this video, or that some dildo didn't cut this shit down to 30 seconds. I mean, you do realize it's a 3 minute video of some fat guy in a speedo, right? 3 minutes!!!

  3. I know, I can't get enough either. I wish they could've just contained the video to the 30 seconds where he's alone, because that other guy just ruins it for me. I sympathize with you, Hemp Weight-Lifting Pants.

  4. I think that by editing the video you would lose some of the magic that is a fat guy in a speedo struggling to put his shorts on as a shirt and a desperate companion (son?) who is just as inept as the other. You have no eye for art, let alone magical speedo fat guy (son?) art.

  5. Um, Esteban, what part of "Hemp weight-lifting Pants" would lead you to believe I have any sort of eye for art? I know you and your tight-panted cohort think the name is ironic. But there isn't a single ounce of jest to be found there. I really wear hemp weight-lifting pants. What else would I wear to match my white-guy jerry curls? Just let your soul glow, baby!

  6. You're just jealous that my pants transcend all modes of functionality: aerodynamics, form, function, and style. In fact, the Canadian Prime Minister contacted me and wishes to have me sew up a half dozen of these bad boys by the 2010 Olympic games for his very own Canadian National Curling Team.

    Also, I understand that Canadians evolved from beavers, but how they learned French is beyond me.


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