Ronaldo's Sape Shack III

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 09, 2009

What's up, shredders? Ronaldo is inside the room! Today I am talking about intelligent details on my octa-hull shredder stick. It has eight different planing hulls, controlled flex and twist, sick air brush (making go X2.34 faster) , and directional sand finish.

How does eight planning hulls make better than one or three, you might be asking Ronaldo. Because there are more. Have you ever gone to sushi with attractive girl of poverty and they eat a lot and barfing it up later? That is because the taste is so new and good to them. Everyone always wants more of good things. That's why bros drink until they throw up, see? Never too much of good thing.

Octa-hulls is like one planning hull over and over until you puke. Good news, right? Here is diaphragm:

They cost (US dollars) 1596 and take between 58-76 weeks for production completion.

Here is video of British bro ripping octa-hull. Note the disturbance made by utilizing inside arm as trailer fin. Standing is optional for shredding.


  1. I heard he stole the patent for this from Mandala due to the language barrier between Manuel and Ronaldo. What was supposed to be an elaborate cooperative effort for the AB3 festival turned into one of the greatest coups in surf history. As a result, Mandala's hulls are limited to three planing surfaces due to international copyright laws.

  2. Ronaldo says: No comments.

  3. m.caro Says:
  4. Gnar Gnar, I got your phone message but you didn't leave your number. Email me so we can stick bananas in tail pipes. Rad trailer by the way...

    Oh and I added more big words to my tri-plane hulls page.

  5. I think you think you have us confused with the great M.B. We are only servants of the Gnarshire. That is it.


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