New boards and no waves...

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel March 01, 2009

...makes Nigel a cranky bitch.

Should have headed out of town this afternoon. It was fun.

How would the Andreini spoon like this?

The mini-Simmons? HAHA


  1. Unfortunately, I had an anger-management class. Apparently man-on-man violence is popular among the homosexual community, and I saw a few people I knew from the Wildcat. It was actually rather nice, aside from having to deal with my life mate... He really took things the wrong way. But at any rate, those photos do not impress me. Also, stop blowing up spots bro.

    PS - It's not a spoon.

    PSS - It's not a mini-simmons. It's more of a massive-simmons.

  2. It's a fucking spoon and you're a fool.

  3. Caught in a lie... Right off the rack. Thanks for outing me, bro.


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