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Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 14, 2009

Gnarshire followers:

After Nigel left her for a younger Brijon Frise / Filipina team, Candice found more time to focus on herself and Gladys. Here we see her reap the rewards of all her hard work.

This couple was so cool they cloned themselves for double dating. That eliminated the embarrassment of always making other couples feel 'less than'.

So true...

When I die and go to hell, this kid will be standing in front of the fuckers I have wronged in my life.


  1. Worm Says:
  2. the bottom is the sort of fantastic shit i'm gonna do to my son.

  3. That is disturbing... I like it...

  4. Kyle Says:
  5. MAN! you beat me to posting the little mexi gunman! i was honestly going to post him a day or two ago...but i didn't. FAIL.

  6. haha, have to get up pretty early in the morning, my friend...


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