After the fire

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel May 13, 2009

They let us back into our house on Sunday. It smelled like an ash tray and was just miserable. We decided to take off and give mom a good Mother's Day.

This was it looked like when we pulled out of our street.

It was nice to get back into the water at my favorite point break. 4 days of evacuation is rough, but not as rough as loosing your home.
My 7 year old took this photo of me on the big Andreini.


  1. o4trix Says:
  2. glad the homestead is safe. looks like we're neighbors. lets cook carne asada sometime and drink saspirilla...

    -your neighbor on kinevan

  3. Howdy neighbor,

    Yea, we are in TC, off Old San Marcos and 154. Carne asada is always good. Let me know.

    We may have to wait to barbecue it, though. Looks like there's a bit of action of there today. Probably getting ready for those winds tonight.



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