Fresh Garbage from Crappy Surf Films

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock June 16, 2009

How did this:

Somehow turn into this:

I can't wait to rock out with the rest of you bloggers while the Japanese Motors authentic sound blows my mind and Another State of Bullshit VII is pumping ont he big screen. It's hard to keep my fists from flying frantically in the air as an attempt to chant 'encore' even as I'm typing. I've got the 6-pack of CL Smooths ready to go, and Mapquest has told me exactly how to get to the premier. I just hope I can get the stains out of my Sex Pistols shirt before the premier.

Pasta La waygo -- XOXO,


  1. KL Says:
  2. aww duuuude- you mean, you didnt like the city fog video of cj talking incessantly about 'art' and bringing it all together under one name?! come on nigel!!! fixies and logging go hand in hand- its like coffee and sugar!

    im truly sad you didnt enjoy the 45min city fog infomercial that had absolutely nothing to offer, except wasting your life.


  3. was that 45 mins? Felt like 30 years in hell...

  4. Where did my eyes go? The last thing I remember was frantically filing down a spoon against the cement... Then I blacked out and now I'm typing on a braille keyboard.

  5. Worm Says:
  6. so i'm gonna take that as a you're in.
    at least we'll have beer to get you guys in the mood

    in other one offs remember when manic hispanic riffed off the decendents with Mijo goes to Junior college

  7. If the booze are flowing free'er than a set of titties at Woodstock I'll be there fo sho.


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