Your face will melt v2.0

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock February 27, 2009

But this time it will probably be in a bad way.

[Content Warning/Blurred Nudity and Suggestive Actions]


  1. Surfsister Says:
  2. Yep, my face melted right off. I'm not an aficionado of porn by any means. However, I think I know terrible porn when I see it. That sucked! No wait, she sucked. No wait . . . oh, never mind.

  3. warm jet Says:
  4. just woke up.
    2:43 AM
    now i gotta dance.

  5. Welcome to the internet 2 months ago...

  6. I strongly recommend anyone interested in really understanding the meaning of this video to mute the sound, and play Deadguy's "(Escape from) the Fake Clink" over it. A glass of wine might also help.


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