Your face will melt...

Posted by Esteban Pumpernickel February 27, 2009

and your ears will bleed.


  1. This reminds me to do two things:

    1) Move to Australia, and
    2) Get rid of these motherfucking hiccups.

  2. Surfsister Says:
  3. I'll quote my seven year old: "It's the worst thing ever!"

    That guy looks like he has Tourette's. Perhaps he wishes he had Tourette's. He'd be much more entertaining if he did.

  4. Wow, this video, while it is VERY intense still makes you think about a lot of important subjects.
    The space scene is my favorite, a metaphore for life and the universe itself, it really makes you feel small. But the video also talks about the very essence of life, the flowing energies that are mankind. We have to power to make this planet so beautiful, yet greed and evil tries to destroy what men like singer/songwriter Mark Gormley is building.

    Thank you Mark and Phil Thomas Katt


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