Back in business..

Posted by Nigel S. Peppercock May 12, 2009

New ride. 1983 was a good year to be alive.


  1. 6ftnperfect Says:
  2. I'm guessing Plymouth

  3. Unfortunately, this is not the Scamp GT.

  4. Datsun

  5. You're half right.

  6. So, I leave the blogoshere (sp?) for a month and when I come back I see that you've changed the format and even picked up a few new readers. Hell, I even heard there was talk of the gnarshire making guest appearances in real magazines. Through all of this however, you still have LARPers (starring Jay and Silent Bob) as your mascots. Am I the only one who finds this strange and somewhat perverse? By the way, I heard that while I was in the sweltering heat of the east bay not surfing the shire had waves and was pleasant temperature-wise. This, plus your mascot choice indicates that life hates me.


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